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The Best Waste Management Solution

Core Service


Our AI-powered smart sorter with NIR Scanner efficiently categorizes textiles by color and fiber composition, handling large volumes and generating customized fractions for recycling.


Our advanced smart sorter utilizes AI and NIR Scanner technologies to accurately sort plastic based on color and material types, ensuring precise sorting for meeting the most stringent requirements and satisfying market demands effortlessly.

General Waste

Our AI-enhanced smart sorter with NIR Scanner significantly improves the waste management recovery rate, minimizing the loss of highly valuable recyclable materials.


Promote public participation in recycling through incentivized rewards and reverse vending machines for depositing plastic bottles.

Our Story

Green AI Technology Limited is a Spin-off Company from the Hong Kong Industrial Artificial Intelligence & Robotics Centre (FLAIR). We are specializing in artificial intelligence visual recognition technology for smart waste sorting solutions.

Our Product

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